Partners – SY


Why Join CCoD?

The SY Partner role provides a unique opportunity to lead a team on a real-life consulting project.  Not only do you refine your consulting skills, but you also gain experience leading a team of high performing Darden FY students.  Serving as a SY Partner provides excellent material for interviews and resumes, and is a great way to meet some of your First Year classmates.

SY Partner Description

The Second Year Partner role, created during the 2010-11 school year, allows Second Year students to take on an increased level of responsibility within the Community Consultants of Darden organization.  This role was created so that CCoD project teams would better mirror real-life consulting teams.  Each SY Partner will oversee a project team of FY Consultants and assume many of the responsibilities of a partner at a consulting firm.  This role provides an invaluable opportunity to develop critical consulting and leadership skills.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Partner with VP of Business Development to assess client needs and determine project goals and deliverables
  2. Support applicant screening and recruiting process for FY Consultants
  3. Build and maintain client relationship throughout Q1 and Q2
  4. Define and document project scope
  5. Develop detailed project plan identifying key milestones and deliverables
  6. Transition project responsibilities to FY Manager and project team in Q3
  7. Assume accountability for timely and successful solution delivery
  8. Act as liaison between FY project team and CCoD leadership to report project status
  9. Provide performance feedback to FY project team members

Critical Skills Developed through SY Partner Role:

  • Develop relationships with clients
  • Build, train and lead a team
  • Define and scope a consulting project
  • Mentor and counsel team members

Application Process & Selection Criteria

CCoD club leadership solicits applications for the SY Partner role in late spring (April/May).  The application consists of a professional resume and essay describing your interest in CCoD and qualifications for the SY Partner role.  The role is open to all rising Darden SY students, although experience as a FY Consultant in CCoD is encouraged.

We ask that potential applicants review the responsibilities of the SY Partner role and carefully consider other academic, club, and recruiting commitments to evaluate their ability to serve in this position.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated on the basis of:  previous work/volunteer experience, familiarity with the CCoD mission, quality of application essay, and communication skills.

Please contact the current VP of Human Resources for more information.


“I was attracted to the CCoD by the opportunity to give back to the Charlottesville small-business and non-profit community.  Simultaneously applying the skills learned in the classroom was an additional bonus.  Two years later, my time spent with CCoD as both a first year consultant and second year team lead was so much more than that – it was an opportunity to network with local organizations, get to better know your classmates, and really push yourself to solve tough problems in practical ways.  Advising a local venture capital fund on whether they should launch an incubator to help improve portfolio company success rates taught me how to systematically break a difficult problem into solvable pieces. Leading a team of first year consultants tasked with evaluating the market expansion strategy for a local cidery taught me valuable client management and leadership skills that I continue to use post graduation.”

Henry Henley, Darden Class of 2015
Bold Rock Cidery Project

“Being a second year partner was a fantastic experience and provided a great opportunity to become a better consultant and mentor.  From scoping the engagement, managing the client relationship, providing guidance to the team, while working with a diverse and talented group of first years, I was able to gain dynamic new insights and experience that will be invaluable to my future clients.  The most rewarding aspect of this experience was partnering with a small, local business.  My team and I were able to get outside of the theoretical classroom environment and play an active role in the Charlottesville community.  It is real life contributions like that make the second year partner role so rewarding.”

Jennifer McGee, Darden Class of 2013
Rocky Top Climbing Gym Project

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