Prospective Clients

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Why Work with CCoD?

CCoD is able to tap into its rich resource of skilled Darden MBA students to provide solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.  Through direct interaction with students and project oversight from faculty, you will have access to talent from a business program ranked among the best in the nation.  Over the course of six months, your dedicated project team will delve into the specific area(s) of your business that you’d like to target.  They will maintain a robust dialogue throughout the process and will deliver actionable recommendations that help you meet your strategic objectives.

Client Requirements

CCoD works with a wide variety of organizations, both for-profit and non-profit.  Clients need not be from any one industry, but they must be within the greater Charlottesville community so as to be easily accessible for students working on your project.  We work with small businesses that are almost always up and running and past the initial start-up phase.  CCoD asks that clients make themselves accessible to their project team so as to ensure a successful final deliverable (this commitment may be as little as an hour every other week, depending on project specifics).

CCoD charges clients a project fee to help us cover operating costs of the club.  Currently, the project fee is $500 with half of the fee due in December and the other half due in April.

Proposal Process & Selection Criteria

Interested organizations can contact the VP of Business Development to propose their potential project and receive more detailed forms to fill out regarding the project specifics.

Selection includes, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Scope of the business issue
  • Nature of the project work
  • Realistic time frame for completion
  • Richness of learning experience for students
  • Accessibility of organization members

Note: The VP of Business Development will often help scope the organizational issue into a project that the client deems valuable and that is manageable for the team. Therefore, please apply even if you’re uncertain of the exact specifics of the project or deliverable you’d like to request.

Client Testimonials

“I was pleased by the work that CCoD did for the Boys & Girls Club.  They were interested in our cause and spent a lot of time gathering data from children and their parents.  Their analysis was inventive and their final presentation assisted us in deciding what types of programs we should offer at our new center.”

James Pierce
Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Central Virginia

“The Community Consultants of Darden was a delight to work with this year.  JABA found your team willing and enthusiastic participants in the process of developing one of JABA’s self-sustaining business initiatives, My Home for Life.  We found your team approach brings many perspectives to the problem (including an international one), and that your approach is very helpful in breaking down a complex series of issues into doable segments.  And in particular, your team’s collective understanding of internet-based marketing filled a very significant gap in our own grasp of the possibilities.”

Chris Murray
Business Development Director, Jefferson Area Board of Aging (JABA)

“Our group has been thrilled with the process and the end product that the Darden team delivered to us (right on schedule, I might add).  They were able to scope it so that it addressed all of our concerns, and they even gave some information we didn’t realize we should request.  With the “Feasibility and Market Analysis Study” and the “Business Prospectus” (along with very helpful Excel spreadsheets that we can tailor to our needs), we have the information to make good decisions about how to move forward.  Many thanks to Matt, the team leader, to all the members of the team, and to the mentors who ensured that we were always in touch with the process!”

The Rev. Dr. Laura Sugg
Westminster Presbyterian Church – Common Grounds Coffee Shop

“The team of consultants from Darden listened extremely well, quickly understood the issues at-hand, and analyzed possible solutions with ease.  Where necessary, they were very candid in their assessment.  Following their presentation, top executives within our organization asked, “Can you come back next year?”  I hope they will.”

Van Smith
Program & Development Manager, Morven – UVA Foundation

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