Project Profiles 2011-12

ALBEMARLE VINTAGE LIMOUSINE/web/uploadedImages/Student_Sites/MBA/Student_Life/Organizations/Opportunity_Consultants/AVL Logo.jpg

Project Description:

Albemarle Vintage Limousine (AVL) incorporated in February 2008 and provided its first paying service in October 2008.  In the first two years of operation, business was almost 100% driven by wedding work featuring a line of classic, vintage limousines.  AVL won the Best of Charlottesville contest in 2009 and came in third place in 2010.  After researching the Monticello Wine Trail for two years, AVL began successfully providing wine tours for groups between two and twelve people.  Since the wedding business is both seasonal and weekend-focused, AVL is looking for other opportunities to utilize its current resources to increase its profits.  With over 30 wineries within a short drive of Charlottesville, there is an opportunity to further develop AVL’s wine tour segment to become a bigger part of the financial success of the company. In addition to the wine tour segment, other potential revenue streams could boost profitability and utilize idle resources.

CCoD Deliverables:

  • Market-Analysis:  CCoD will conduct market research to help AVL better understand the current hired car service market including customer segments and competitors.  CCoD will provide actionable recommendations on which market segments to pursue and how to be successful in those segments.
  • Finance:  CCoD will analyze the current finances of the business to provide a detailed look into the revenues and costs associated with different service offerings.
  • Operations:  CCoD will analyze the operations of AVL and provide recommendations to optimize the operations of the company.

Darden Second-Year PartnerAdam Rapp

First-Year Team Members:  Bingshi Chen, Priti Dhanda, Whitney Dickerson, Chris Ivy, Chris Ritter, Evan Smith


Project Description:

As a public middle school, Jack Jouett’s primary goal is to educate students so that they are prepared to succeed in high school.  For this organization, success is measured according to performance on the Standard of Learning (SoL) examinations.  Jouett has not achieved Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two of the past three years based on Virginia’s Standards of Learning as required by the “No Child Left Behind Act” of the United States government.  Unsatisfied with “barely missing or making AYP,” the school’s administration would like to make Jack Jouett an extraordinary school – a leader in education and a model of student achievement throughout central Virginia and beyond.  The three strategic plans posted on their website demonstrate the school’s commitment to improving student outcomes.

CCoD Deliverables:

  • Evaluation:  Review of current instructional delivery model for target group.  Recognizing that the students participate in a robust schedule of academic activities, including attending courses in different subject areas, this assessment will provide insight on the students’ academic experience.  We will also review the impact of non-academic activities on the students’ overall performance.  Our expectation is that we will gain a thorough understanding of how Jouett administration is currently preparing students for the SOLs.
  • Analysis:  Our assumption is that there are best practices applicable to resolving Jouett’s primary challenge.  The “Gap review” seeks to gather insights from key stakeholders (students, teachers, staff parents, education experts), industry best practices to craft a tailored portfolio of recommendations for Jack Jouett.
  • Recommendation:  Gathered key insights from stakeholders, and researched best practices, (identified in number 2), our goal is to develop and recommend an instructional strategy specifically for the target group.  This strategy will include recommendations for implementation and monitoring.

Darden Second-Year PartnerAkshay Mittal

First-Year Team Members:  Charlie Hajzus, Rhonda Henderson, Neha Jindal, John Malek, Justin Pan, Lily West

REVOLUTIONARY SOUP/web/uploadedImages/Student_Sites/MBA/Student_Life/Organizations/Opportunity_Consultants/Rev Soup Logo.jpg

Project Description:

Revolutionary Soup is a locally owned, independent restaurant.  It owns two Charlottesville locations – one on The Corner and one on the Downtown Mall – and are open Monday-Thursday 9:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M. and ’til 9:00 P.M. on Friday and Saturday.  Revolutionary Soup provides Charlottesville with the highest quality, freshly prepared soups, sandwiches, salads and wraps.  Fresh, local ingredients from organic, eco-friendly and sustainably maintained farms are the first step in this process.  Unique, creative recipes based on classical preparations are the next step.  Add to this equation quick, friendly service in a casual atmosphere, and you have Revolutionary Soup!

CCoD Deliverables:

  • Complete competitive analysis to determine optimal pricing levels for goods sold
  • Conduct market research survey to analyze optimal food offerings, potential for a customer loyalty program and overall in-store dining experience

Darden Second-Year PartnerSamir Shah

First-Year Team Members:  Alejandra Fuster, Dustin Moon, Sonia Punwani, Anoop Singh, Bianca Vanin, Eric Wilson

INSTITUTE FOR SHIPBOARD EDUCATION/web/uploadedImages/Student_Sites/MBA/Student_Life/Organizations/Opportunity_Consultants/Semester at Sea Logo.jpg

Project Description:

The Institute for Shipboard Education is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia with academic sponsorships provided by The University of Virginia.  The Institute for Shipboard Education’s flagship program, Semester at Sea (SAS), is a study abroad program founded in 1963.  With 50,000 alumni and more than 100 completed voyages, SAS is the world’s premier provider of global shipboard education.

In order to participate in the Semester at Sea program students must go through an application and selection process.  The application process is divided into four major milestones: Inquiry, Apply, Deposit, and Sail.

CCoD was hired to help SAS increase the percentage of applicants that move from the Inquiry stage to the Deposit stage (i.e. yield maximization) and minimize the number of applicants that drop out after the Deposit stage (i.e. attrition management).  Increased yield and decreased attrition would provide SAS with greater financial security, increased student diversity, and the ability to be more selective in the application process.

CCoD Deliverables:

  • Provide insights into the demographics of the current applicant population at each stage in the application process, including trends over time and the rank-order of each variable’s importance
  • Increase SAS’ ability to forecast revenue and enrollment
  • Increase the yield achieved at each stage of the application process and minimize the number of cancellations

Darden Second-Year Partner:  Matt Schwartz

First-Year Team Members:  Keith Bobbitt, Weijia Jia, Sarah Raymond, Sem Shtulberg, Matt Toney, Mike Turner

TACKLING AUTISM/web/uploadedImages/Student_Sites/MBA/Student_Life/Organizations/Opportunity_Consultants/TAF Logo.jpg

Project Description:

In April 2007, Scott and Ashley Jackson left their doctor’s office with two things: an autism diagnosis for their 2-year-old son Tyler and an overwhelming anxiety for the future.  Recognizing the importance of early intervention, the young parents began to research treatment options in Houston.  Scott, an offensive lineman for the Houston Texans, turned to his coach, Joe Marciano, the father of an autistic boy, for help.  Joe told Scott while the cost of full-time therapy can be frightening, Tyler’s improvement would be priceless.  Shortly after, the Jacksons enrolled Tyler in full-time therapy at Houston’s Texana Center.

In the two years since Tyler’s diagnosis, Scott and Ashley have witnessed incredible progress.  Once limited to a five-word vocabulary, Tyler has transformed into a chatterbox.  His irrational tantrums have been replaced with polite requests for attention and a once frightening world has become an exciting one.

With Tyler as their inspiration, Scott and Ashley want to help other parents navigate the challenging world of autism.  In 2009, they formed the Tackling Autism Foundation as a way to help reduce the cost of autism therapies and allow more families the opportunity to have their kids treated.

CCoD Deliverables:


Darden Second-Year PartnerClark Herndon

First-Year Team Members:  Patrick Clifton, Jon Goldberg, Erin Goodman, William Gordon, Jordan Mixter, Sean O’Neill

UVA FOUNDATION – MORVEN/web/uploadedImages/Student_Sites/MBA/Student_Life/Organizations/Opportunity_Consultants/Morven (Blue) Logo(1).jpg

Project Description:

In 2001, philanthropist John W. Kluge gave an extraordinary gift of real estate to the University of Virginia Foundation for educational and charitable purpose.  The 7,379-acre gift, valued in excess of $45 million, more than doubled the University’s land holdings.  Located in southeastern Albemarle County, the properties comprised 11 farms and estates, including historic Morven Farm.

CCoD was hired to help Morven determine how to leverage its facilities to create an additional revenue stream that sustains operations in addition to endowment and UVA events.

CCoD Deliverables:

  • Offerings and pricing:  proposed services and events with pricing based on unique attributes of Morven and analysis of competitors
  • Customer segmentation:  customer groups categorized by uses of Morven, connection to UVA, and marketing channel
  • Short term marketing plan for 1H 2011:  prioritized customer segment, marketing channel, messaging, and anticipated budget
  • Long term marketing plan:  additional customer segments, marketing channels and metrics, messaging, and anticipated budget

Darden Second-Year PartnerReg Jones

First-Year Team Members:  Michael Barnett, Gagan Bhasin, Bennett Graham, Layton Hill, Soujanya Madhurapantula, Sargam Mehta

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