Project Profiles

2013-14 Projects

Three Notch’d Brewing

Project Description:

Three Notch’d Brewing opened in August 2013 in Charlottesville, VA. Currently, they operate a tasting room in Charlottesville and sell kegs to bars and restaurants in the Charlottesville area. Three Notch’d Brewing differentiates itself through the high quality and great taste of its beer, and has long term plans to expand well beyond the Charlottesville area. Bottling Three Notch’d beer will be necessary to achieve this expansion. Three Notch’d has asked the CCoD to provide an analysis of the different suppliers of bottling machines and the costs associated with bottling in order to better understand the feasibility of starting to bottle beer.

CCoD Deliverables:

  •  Cost Analysis: Excel spreadsheet with an outline of costs and capacity associated with each supplier system complete with quotes and industry contacts.
  • Supplier Analysis: Power Point document with supplier profiles and shortlist of most attractive bottling system suppliers and summary of what systems are being used by competitor breweries.

Darden Second-Year Partners:  Clare Seekins, Brandon Nelson

First-Year Team Members:  Russell Davis, Tyler Zara, Akansha Jain, Michal Filipowski, Porter Williams, Matt McMillion

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