Leadership Team

Matt Breen

Matt is responsible for ensuring CCoD executes on its mission to provide high quality consulting services to Charlottesville and the surrounding community and to provide on-the-job experience to Darden students.


Kathryn Fox
VP of Business Development

Kathryn is the VP of Business Development.  Her role is to help source clients for CCoD projects and assist us in the development of workstreams.


Mark Schmid
VP of Program Development


Mark Schmid, VP of Program Development, is responsible for planning and executing CCoD events, such as second year partner training, and coordinating with strategy consulting firms to schedule coaching sessions for first year CCoD members. Charlottesville is one of the many things that make the Darden experience great, and Mark was excited to join CCoD for the chance to be part of the strong Charlottesville community and for the unique opportunity to work with a local business while in business school. Prior to Darden, Mark was a design engineer at Caterpillar, where he designed exhaust treatment systems for large diesel engines. Mark spent the summer with the Operations Practice at McKinsey & Company in Boston, and is looking forward to returning after graduation.


Claire Williams
VP of Marketing

Claire Williams

Claire Williams, VP of Marketing, is responsible for spreading the word about CCoD to both Darden Students and the Charlottesville community.  During the 2015-2016 school year, Claire led the CCoD team working with Bold Rock Hard Cider on a growth strategy initiative. Before coming to Darden, Claire worked for Teach for America as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development after teaching high school math in Los Angeles. Claire also spent her summer with McKinsey & Co, but in their Denver office where she plans to return after graduating from Darden. Beyond the desk, Claire loves to cook, hike, ski, and do all things outdoors.


Jocelyn Recht
VP of Human Resources


As VP of Human Resources, Jocelyn is responsible for recruiting the top first year Darden students and second year partners to project teams. By sourcing the most qualified and motivated students, Jocelyn hopes to ensure CCoD teams deliver the highest quality consulting services to local Charlottesville businesses and non-profits while providing students with the opportunity to apply their coursework to a real-world context. Jocelyn has been excited about expanding her Darden experience beyond North Grounds through CCoD and enjoyed working with Hot Yoga Charlottesville on a profitability and valuation project this past year. Before coming to Darden, Jocelyn was an Associate Director at the Advisory Board Company where she worked to grow the new business pipeline. This past summer Jocelyn interned with Accenture Strategy as part of their international development program in Ghana. When not working or studying, Jocelyn enjoys traveling, good food, and the great outdoors.


Neil Fanaroff
VP of Finance

Neil is responsible for maintaining the finances for CCoD, collecting client fees and allocating them to optimally execute the club’s mission.  Neil had a great experience last year working with Devil’s Backbone on a strategy to improve distributor relationships.  Prior to Darden, Neil was a Senior Analyst with NERA Economic Consulting in New York City, working to compose expert reports and deposition testimony in NERA’s securities practice area.  This summer, Neil worked with ZS Associates in their Princeton, NJ office working on two pharma projects. When not busy with Darden-related activities, Neil is a long-suffering DC sports fan, movie enthusiast, and trivia buff.


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