CCOD Mission, Values, and Approach

CCOD picture

CCoD (formerly Opportunity Consultants, Inc.) is an incorporated not-for-profit organization founded in 1956 at the Darden Graduate School of Business.

Our Mission

CCoD provides marketing, operational, and strategic evaluation and planning services to visionary small businesses and non-profit organizations in the Charlottesville community. CCoD adds value to our clients’ businesses and provides practical learning opportunities for our members.

Our Values

CCoD values professionalism and respect for all individuals regardless of business expertise and open communication among our members and clients.

Our Approach


CCoD’s organizational structure allows teams of cross-functional students to work collaboratively and pursue leadership roles in both their first and second years.

First Year Consultants:

First Year Consultants (FYCs) work in teams of six under the guidance of a Second Year Partner.  Due to the rigor of the first semester of the first year program, FYCs mostly engage in training and minimally time-intensive project scoping, planning and data gathering through January before tackling analysis and deliverable preparation in the second semester.

First Year Team Leader:

Each Second Year Partner (SYP) selects a First Year Team Lead to assume the role of primary client contact and to oversee the work stream through the second semester. Team Leaders are tasked with ensuring that the team brings the project to completion under the high standards of CCoD.

Second Year Partners:

Second Year Partners are chosen for the following year’s projects from an applicant pool of rising second year students.  The SYP role is the backbone of the CCoD operation.  Working with the VP of Business Development, SYPs are each paired with a client and work on scoping the engagement’s work, hypothesizing potential recommendations, and establishing a positive rapport with the client and its staff.  The SYP supports the VP of HR in FYC selection during the application process.  SYPs are then assigned teams of FYCs – delegating areas of responsibility to them and fostering an effective team dynamic and overarching strategy.  Following the first semester, each SYP selects a high performing FYC to serve as the First Year Manager.  While the FYM assumes the role of team leader, the SYP shifts into the role of team advisor – a consultant to the consultants.

Senior Partners:

Alumni or seasoned business leaders, Senior Partners (SP) are members of the greater Darden community who volunteer their time to monitor the progress of a project.  Serving as a checkpoint in the engagement process, SPs offer an outside perspective to teams and create an added layer of accountability for CCoD.

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