CCoD Updates – 2013-14

Another round of CCoD projects are coming to a close. The new leadership team has been elected and has hit the ground running, projects are wrapping up nicely, and I’ve spoken to some very happy clients. In short, I’ve been left to pontificate on this past year as CCoD president while Jason Mollengarden, incoming president,  assumes all the real responsibilities.

First, however, let me credit Emily Schuller, the outgoing VP of Marketing, for her work building out this LinkedIn group. It seems like a great platform to reach out to alumni, and it is truly humbling to look through all of your names and titles. The collective experience and intellectual horsepower of this group is astounding, and I hope that LinkedIn can become a venue for future CCoDers to draw on your knowledge.

For those of you who haven’t heard from the club in a while, this year we are working with six great clients thanks to Brandon Prather’s efforts as VP of Business Development. Many of you know Devil’s Backbone either through personal connections or from nights out on the corner, but it’s likely fewer of you are familiar with Three Notch’d Brewing, which recently opened its doors and seems to be opening taps at new restaurants and bars every day. We are also working with Barefoot Bucha, a local kombucha brewer, making half of our clients this year brewers. Additionally, we made a foray into venture capital and triathlons by working with the Fund for Health Innovation and Charlottesville Multisports (respectively). We are working with one non-profit this year: the local branch of a highly respected international organization, the International Rescue Committee.

We also have a really solid crew of first years and SY partners, thanks to Matt Attanucci, VP of HR. We had 60 applicants this year and, as is tradition, took on six project teams of six. 42% of FY consultants are international, and 25% are female. We had a little bit more representation from Section A than from the other sections, but that’s desirable since Section A is the greatest. All of the project teams have been doing solid work, and I’d especially like to thank the SY Partners Jen Forman, Joey Miller, Jonathan O’Connor, Scott Poitevent, Clare Seekins, and Alison Stewart for their management of the teams this past year.

We’ll be holding the last official CCoD event Wednesday, April 23rd in the iLab from 4:30 to 6:30 (thanks to VP of Program Development Emily Weinman for organizing this and all of the events we had this year). The CCoD teams will be presenting executive summaries of their work, so the event will provide a great overview of what the club has been up to. We will be continuing the tradition started last year of judging presentations for a cash prize, which is possible due to Brandon Nelson’s astute management of the budget as VP of Finance. If you happen to be in the area, please feel free to drop by to see the presentations.

All in all, the CCoD had a great year and took on a number of initiatives I could write about ad nauseam, but this is already a longer post than I had expected. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about the current state of the club- I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Jeff Bates